Kid Christian def. Brendan Conway vs. Zicky Dice vs. Elliot Paul vs. Pat Monix vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Anthony Bennett vs. Ace Austin
Kid Christian picks up the win after Dan O’Hare rushes the ring, puts Ace Austin through a table and powerbombs Christian on top of him 

Suge D def. Rickey Shane Page

Minnesota Mafia def. Private Party
via Butter Cutter Cutter

CZW RULES MATCH- Matt Tremont def. Craig Mitchell
via Liger Bomb onto thumbtacks
** After the match the 4 Star Heroes hit the ring and begin to beat down on Craig Mitchell, Kenny Sutra sneak attack and injures Chris Castro’s knee.

Robert Anthony def. DJ Hyde
via submission

8 MAN TAG- Team CZW def. Team Freelance
Stevie Fierce costs Team Freelance the victory after smashing his own partner, GPA, with a mirror to the skull

Isaias Velazquez def. Lio Rush
via small package

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